Small And Simple Things To Brighten Your Marriage Avenue

Marriage is the sacred union of two souls who are in love and promise an eternity to each other. You might think marriages are like day to day common happening. It is like everyday someone is getting married. But getting married is not important, the passion to stay married is important. Therefore, you should either fall in love with the person or understand the person fully. This is important because you should live with this person until death do you apart. So here are few tips that will brighten up your wedding and reception.

The sweets and chocolates

Of course a wedding is practically incomplete without sweets, chocolates and cakes. You can have a small selection of chocolates in different wrappers. It is up to you to select sweets. You can either choose sweets like milk related or Indian ones or you can go for small cupcakes with a full English theme and varieties of chocolates like this. It is obvious you would want a customized cake for your wedding.

Wedding cake toppers would add more beauty to the cake. You can get customised cake toppers. Moreover these can be themed according to your love story. For example, he could have been so much in love with you and loved with all his heart and kept on getting on your nerves until you decided to know him better. In such marriages, you guys can have a toppers with the bridegroom having a hook and the bride caught to that hook. It is simple decoration but would speak tales to both of you and all tour closest mates and friends. It would make you understand how long you both have come to change your decision now.

It would also make you understand irrespective of whatever happens, you will still love each other. In reception have a moderate variety food, and do not waste food. You can also go for the type of food he first took out to eat. He could have taken you to Italian or some place like that. If it McDonalds, you can’t serve burgers in your reception but that would not be a bad idea if you both are fats food fans. After all it’s your marriage and only you both matter. Do not take into consideration what other people will think.

Floral decorations

You can be a different bride and choose different flowers from the ordinary red roses and white lilies and some ordinary wedding flowers. If you both have a wild side of trekking and similar things. You both could order some wildflowers which would be yellow, pale colours. Under good lights they would lighten the place. If you are this silent but sweet kind of thing, you can try mild flowers like white roses. Or else you can keep the flowers he first brought for you. This would increase the love in around during your wedding.