Make Valentine\’s Day Special For Your Loved One

Valentine’s day is round the corner and many of us are thinking of ways to make it special for the ‘one’ in our lives. Valentine’s day is the day of love and everywhere people, especially couples, declare their love for each other by planning something special for each other. It could be something as simple as a bouquet of red roses or something as elaborate as a luxurious cruise holiday. What counts is the gesture of love.

As they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and so what better way to make him feel special than to cook a special treat for him. Cooking an entire meal can be quite elaborate and time consuming given that all the ingredients need to be bought and kept ready beforehand. Also and understandably so, cooking is not everyone’s forte. So the next best thing is to whip up a sweet treat, which is easy and delicious. An eternal favorite is the gluten free victoria sponge cake which is both healthy and mouth watering and yet at the same time a simple but classic dish. A recipe of gluten free scones is delicious and takes care of gluten intolerance or coeliac disease as well. Also a sponge cake recipe is enjoyed by all and variations can be done in the form of adding strawberries or a mouth watering glaze.

If a cake is not what excites your better-half or if you wish to make a Valentine’s day treat for your children, you can always count on gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipes that are a hit with everyone, whether children or adults and can be enjoyed any time. In fact the cookies can be enjoyed through the week, making it a special treat for a few days till they last. Visit this link for more info on gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipes.

If cooking is not what you have in mind, you can go ahead and plan a special getaway. It could be the place where you went on the first date or a high end gourmet restaurant or even an alfresco cafe. Better yet you could plan a picnic or even a short trip to a nearby holiday spot.

And if all these seem clichéd, you could make gift coupons for your loved one, entitling him or her to free massages, movie dates or tickets to the next sporting event. Or you could even plan a treasure hunt with little love notes around the house.

Whatever you choose to do or make for your loved one, however elaborate or simple, it will be the thought that counts and the gesture of love will forever be cherished. So, go ahead and make Valentine’s special for your special ones.