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How To Prepare For A Christening:

August 31, 2018

If you are a a Christian or a Catholic it is very common that every kid goes through the ceremony of  baptism or christening which is intended to welcome a new baby into the Christian world.  After the church ceremony it is common that a party or celebration should follow since this is a tradition that we usually share with family, friends and also godparents. 

Your baptismal reception or after-party should be kept casual and yet respectful to all guests. This is the best time to time to relax and mingle with people who are close to your family and enjoy quality time time with your precious loved one. Planning a baptismal party can be enjoyable and fun especially if you are organized and you are working on a checklist. 

The first thing to do is for you to choose the right venue for the after party. The most convenient location that you should choose is the one that is closest to the church where the baptismal ceremony will be held. This is actually ideal but not necessary, we tend to choose the most convenient reception for the sake of our guests. You can work on your allocated budget and how much do you intend to spend for the food and the venue. Finalize your guest list a few weeks before the main event. Find out how many people the venue can accommodate and expect that a couple of kids will be also part of the party.

 Second thing is to finalize your menu. Before making any rushed decisions you have to consider your guests when planning on what food to serve your guests. Choose foods that are appealing to the majority of the people so it won’t end up uneaten or worst thrown away. If serving cakes is part of the tradition, you may want to check out christening cakes Auckland for more options to choose from.

 The party should also be kid-friendly. A lot of baptism after party are being attended by kids so make sure that you have prepared a couple of things for them. You can probably organize some games and have a magic show so they wont get bored while waiting for the party to begin. Kids would be delighted if you serve them cakes as part of the highlight of the event, you can check out cakery Auckland for the best cakes suited for the occasion.

Last is to take a lot of pictures to make the event a memorable one. You can probably hire someone to take photos of the event. Or you can get a volunteer to simply take pictures throughout the event/ Some parents even hire a photo booth to get unlimited pictures of their guests that can be used as your giveaways at the same time.