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How To Organise A Get Together In Style?

January 25, 2017

When was the last time you decided to take a break from work and enjoy sometime with your friends? For many of us the answer to that question would be, rarely or not recently. In a day and age when most of us are busy with our office and house work it is not surprising that we would put aside our relaxation and leisure. But we need to remember that taking a break from work helps to relieve ourselves of stress and enjoy catching up with our old friends after many months.

Number of guests 

However if you feel that organising a get together is a difficult job just hand over the entire operation to the experts and let them take care of the difficult part of the job for you. As you know there are hundreds of companies that undertake cocktail catering Melbourne while keeping in mind the hectic schedules of their customers. So why worry about going through the hassle of organising a get together when you can just continue with your day to day work and let the professional do a thorough job for you. When you get in touch with the experts you will be amazed at the number of options you will have to choose from. From the menu to the decor and from the number of guests to be invited and the printing of the invitations, everything will be taken care of by the experts for you. 

Menus, invitations and decor 

All you have to do is just visit the company of your choice and tell them exactly what your requirements are. The experts will also have a variety of menus, décor and invitations that you can choose from in case you cannot come up with your own ideas. Most professionals will also undertake party hire. So if you prefer to go for that option you can just make a request to the company and they will send an official to your place to check out your requirements and the location of your choice. Once the official has understood what your requirements are he will give you a quotation prior to starting the job.

24 hour service 

Most companies are flexible when it comes to payments. So if you have a problem with the quotation you can always get the experts to adjust the rates according to your requirements. You can also register for the 24 hour service so that whenever you need to organise a function in a hurry you can just call up the professionals and hand over the job to them. 

How to plan a surprise birthday celebration?

You have just decided to give your sister a surprise birthday celebration. But now you have to figure out how you are going to get the job done without her realising it. You decide that the best option would be to get in touch with a company that handles this type of work and get them to do the planning for you. You immediately get online and check out the options available. You come across many companies that offer a variety of services. You now have a problem trying to figure out which company to pick for the job

Two functions at the same time 

You come across a company that also has cocktail catering for their customers. You call up the company and the friendly staff tells you that they can handle any type of function and that you have to only tell them what has to be done. They tell you that if you sign up for two functions at the same time you will get a 25% discount on the second function. You decide to take up this offer and sign up for the surprise birthday celebration and another surprise function for your boss. Before you know it a professional is at your doorstep. He tells you that depending on your choice he can organise a location close to a river or even close to a beach. 

Taking care of children 

You are thrilled at this idea and decide to have your sister’s birthday celebration by the river. The official tells you that a special team that handles party hire will meet you and discuss your requirements prior to getting on with the job. The team arrives and tells you that they have a another team of officials who will be in charge of taking care of all safety measures on the big day. He tells you that you don’t have to worry about children being at the celebration because the team will take care of them and make sure they are entertained. 

Beautiful décor 

The discussions are complete and all preparations for the big day are in place. You make a visit to the location in advance and are more than happy at what you see. You are amazed at the colour matching of the décor and the way the officials have arranged the seating facilities while overlooking the river. You have to now get your sister to the location in time for the celebration. You tell your mother to convince your sister to come to the surprise birthday celebration. The look on your sister’s face when she sees the Happy Birthday sign at the entrance to the location makes you realise just how surprised and happy she is.